CBD Nordle, 2nd place CBD Flower!

CBD Nordle got 2nd place CBD Flower at the EmeralCup 2016!

We are very happy and grateful to ChalawaFarms for growing and entering our genetics into this competition and others and getting awarded for their great job.

Thank you ChalawaFarms, thanks to all the judges and event crew!











Man found buried with 13 Cannabis plants in Chinese Desert Oasis.

Yet another very interesting found has been discovered in China, and ancient Burial Shroud with several newly harvested female cannabis plants.

The tomb is believed to be around 2500 year old and for the first time, archaeologists have unearthed well-preserved whole cannabis plants, even with seeds on.

“This is the first time archaeologists have recovered complete cannabis plants, as well as the first incidence of their use as a “shroud” in a human burial.”



(Cannabis plants were arranged across the body of a middle-aged man before his burial in Turpan, China, around 2,500 years ago.)


The story was recently featured in National Geographic and just adds to many ancient burials and sights around our world. It’s often medicine men/women or shamans that are being found with this amazing plant, which indicates that it has quite a known and respected role for the people of that time.

We also know that cannabis had already had a long tradition before this person was buried. With the Chinese goddess MaGu (CannabisMaiden) , the legendary Taoist xian (仙 “immortal; transcendent”) associated with the elixir of life, and she is a symbolic protector of females, in Chinese mythology.

And Shen Nung (2838 – 2698 B.C.)   father of Chinese medicine & acupuncture and modern agriculture, who also was the first to document  the medical benefits of cannabis and many other herbs. So these and many others had already spread the knowledge of cannabis in China for a long time.  It is very sad that politics, organized religion & war has made so much important knowledge disappear over the years regarding cannabis, tradition and healing.  Luckily we keep finding new sights like this, to remind & teach us about the lost knowledge and traditions of cannabis.

         MaGu FBFirst Medical rec, nungzun


Here is the whole story from National Geographic, an interesting read.

written by :

( In an unprecendented discovery, the ancient cannabis plants were discovered in a complete and well-preserved state.)
Photograph courtesy Hongen Jiang


Thirteen cannabis plants, each up to almost three feet long, were placed diagonally across the man’s chest, with the roots oriented beneath his pelvis and the tops of the plants extending from just under his chin, up and alongside the left side of his face.



Another win for the CBD Crew family!

We are proud to say that our friend and master grower Jose Dominguez has done it again.

This time at the Karma Cup 2016, Toronto, Canada.




Jose won 1st. place in the CBD category with

CBD Skunk Haze!



As always he wins several awards for different entries as well!

Jose Domingues

Thanks again Jose, you are a gem!

( Here at an TreatingYourself cup a few years back getting another award )

And a bis tanks to our collaborators Dutch Passion for supporting Jose and entering our joint genetics !



Photos from Expogrow, Irun 2016

Here are a few pics from our trip to Expogrow, Irun 2016.

We had fun as always!


More Awards!

The master grower Jose Dominguez did it again!


This time at Lift Vancouver Cannabis cup 2016.

He pretty much stole the show with all his entries, but got 1st place CBD Flower with CBD Yummy &
2nd place CBD flower with CBD Skunk Haze, with his CBD entries.

And the 3rd Place went to our good friends at House of the Great Gardener.


Thank you so much for growing Jose, we can only wait in excitement for the next cup!



Jose Domingues

( photo is form an older event, not the Lift Expo )



CBD Crew is going to Expogrow, Irun!

Time has come again to take the  trip to the beautiful pais vasco and visit Irun for the yearly Expogrow show.

We have a great time every year there and if you are coming to the fair, do drop by our both for a chat or to buy some seeds.

After the fair is closed, there is concerts outside the venue the whole evening and generally a very nice vibe!


So if you are around, come to Expogrow Irun form the 16-18 of September!




expogrow 2014



Outdoor growers!

Soon Outdoor season here is coming to and end!

Hope you all have great big healthy bushes flowering in the sun.

This is a  beautiful picture from a private grower in north Europe earlier this summer, it’s a bushy CBD Shark Shock looking healthy and strong.

Do send us pictures of your lovely outdoor plants as they are flowering, we love to see them all!

And of course we love to see all your indoor plants as well, just send to our Facebook, or to our email: info@cbdcrew.org


cbd shark frank Spangleberg FB



Cannabis and your bones!

Can cannabis even be good for your bones?  Yes, it sure does seem so.


We have many issues relate to our bones, from fractures to more long term issues like osteoporosis, arthritis and inflammations. And is seems cannabis with THC/CBD and all its cannabinoids can be of good help for most of these issues. Combined with a change of diet, there can be significant change to chronic issues and illness in general in most people. Do remember that if you have bone issues, milk and dairy products should not be a part of your diet. It inhibits the bodies absorption of the necessary calcium.  Plant based calcium will do much more for your situation.

We come across this great summary of cannabis and bone health, read more below.


“The endocannabinoid system does play a major role in maintaining the health of our bones and one way it does this is by facilitating a process known as bone metabolism, or bone remodeling.

“Bone metabolism” is the process in which old bone material is replaced by new bone material, keeping your bones healthy and strong throughout your life. Your body builds new bone growth in order to combat the micro-damage that occurs on a daily basis. In all, a healthy adult body will replace about 10% of your bone structure each year.”


“The researchers found that cannabinoid receptors can trigger bone formation and strengthen the bridge that connects broken bones. The study was performed in rat models, which is how previous osteoporosis drugs were tested prior to clinical trials. In their study, researchers injected rats with broken thigh bones with either straight CBD or a combination of CBD and THC.  

The results of the experiment were pretty amazing. THC did not show to have much of any effect when it came to speeding up the body’s self-healing mechanisms. But, pure CBD did. The scientists found that bones of rats treated with CBD alone not only healed more quickly but the previous fracture was less likely to break in the future because of a strengthened fracture callus.

The study estimated that the treated bone is 35-50% stronger than a non-treated bone. “


“THC, the chemical that gives you the ‘high’ when you consume marijuana, may also hold some value in preventing brittle bones. CB1 receptors are found in many areas of the body, including inside bones, in the brain, and throughout the gut. When you consume marijuana, psychoactive THC connects to cell receptors in all of these areas. The cannabinoid then influences the biochemical processes at work in these regions.

Read the whole story here!