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Sad situation, scammers.

We all see the amazing stories of recovery with contact information to oil dealers, it’s all over the web. Unfortunately, they are all scammers.

They can be very convincing to speak to, but don’t be fooled. Cannabis is unfortunately illegal still in most places of the world, which makes it a great place for scammers to flourish.  With all the science backing up cannabis as a potential healer, more and more people are seeking to try it as a part of their treatments. Unfortunately, due to the law, that is not so easy for most people today. Many have no contact with the cannabis community and are searching desperately for a way to get a hold of cannabis. And we have spoken to people who have put their trust in these testimonials, sent them the money and when the oil does not arrive and they complain, the scammers threaten to give all their information to the police.

We have to spread awareness about this, the last thing you need when you are chronically ill and in a desperate situation, is to get scammed by somebody claiming to be a part of the cannabis community.  We need to get cannabis legal for people to grow, so they can grow their own or help somebody that they care for, without risking being persecuted by the law.

Time has come to make a change.

Spannabis 2017 coming up, 10-12 of March!

So it’s time again, Spannabis weekend!

From the 10-12th of March Barcelona will be filled with people going to the biggest cannabis expo here in Europe, Spannabis!


spannabis CBD Crew flyer


We will be, as normal, in our Booth nr 93, so do come by for a chat or for some seeds or both!

We will be there all weekend, ready to help you out as much as we can.

See you soon!




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CBD Crew in Uruguay

CBD Crew have in collaboration with Positronics been creating stable CBD/THC strains for cultivation in Uruguay.

There are now 3 registered CBD/THC strains being cultivated 🙂

Here is Jaime visiting a facility in Uruguay, it’s looking like it’s coming along nicely.

jaime uruguay


Here is our registration of strains.



We are very exited to see the future of this project.

We hope to be able to help a lot of people with the best quality medical & recreational cannabis



Man found buried with 13 Cannabis plants in Chinese Desert Oasis.

Yet another very interesting found has been discovered in China, and ancient Burial Shroud with several newly harvested female cannabis plants.

The tomb is believed to be around 2500 year old and for the first time, archaeologists have unearthed well-preserved whole cannabis plants, even with seeds on.

“This is the first time archaeologists have recovered complete cannabis plants, as well as the first incidence of their use as a “shroud” in a human burial.”



(Cannabis plants were arranged across the body of a middle-aged man before his burial in Turpan, China, around 2,500 years ago.)


The story was recently featured in National Geographic and just adds to many ancient burials and sights around our world. It’s often medicine men/women or shamans that are being found with this amazing plant, which indicates that it has quite a known and respected role for the people of that time.

We also know that cannabis had already had a long tradition before this person was buried. With the Chinese goddess MaGu (CannabisMaiden) , the legendary Taoist xian (仙 “immortal; transcendent”) associated with the elixir of life, and she is a symbolic protector of females, in Chinese mythology.

And Shen Nung (2838 – 2698 B.C.)   father of Chinese medicine & acupuncture and modern agriculture, who also was the first to document  the medical benefits of cannabis and many other herbs. So these and many others had already spread the knowledge of cannabis in China for a long time.  It is very sad that politics, organized religion & war has made so much important knowledge disappear over the years regarding cannabis, tradition and healing.  Luckily we keep finding new sights like this, to remind & teach us about the lost knowledge and traditions of cannabis.

         MaGu FBFirst Medical rec, nungzun


Here is the whole story from National Geographic, an interesting read.

written by :

( In an unprecendented discovery, the ancient cannabis plants were discovered in a complete and well-preserved state.)
Photograph courtesy Hongen Jiang


Thirteen cannabis plants, each up to almost three feet long, were placed diagonally across the man’s chest, with the roots oriented beneath his pelvis and the tops of the plants extending from just under his chin, up and alongside the left side of his face.