Some information from Dr. Christina Sanchez PhD.

We hope one day that you can talk to your normal doctor and get information like this.

Dr Christina Sanchez PhD is one of the leading scientist in cannabis and cancer here in Spain.


An older clip:


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  1. Barbara Anna Chobocky

    Thank you for this concise summary. I look forward to email the URL to colleagues and friends. It is 25 years since we produced “Billion Dollar Crop”, which was aimed at demystifying the demonizing culture that was exacerbated by the historical convergence of the end of alcohol prohibition and the discovering of nylon. This convergence in the nineteen forties was exacerbated by the misplaced political goals of the US Drugs Czar, Harry Anslinger and the commercial advantages of replacing hemp and cotton production with nylon. The medical aspects of the plant are finally being explored and promoted by the science community which is saving or improving the quality of the lives of people suffering from the most aggressive medical epedemic of this and the last century.

    • CBD Crew

      Yes, the US drug war has not only had devastating effects in the US but it had devastating effect all around the world. We have 1000 of years of references to medical cannabis that has just been ignored by doctors and researchers for a long time now. Luckily that is about to change, thanks to a lot of people like you spreading actual information 🙂


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