CBD Crew in Uruguay

CBD Crew have in collaboration with Positronics been creating stable CBD/THC strains for cultivation in Uruguay. There are now 3 registered CBD/THC strains being cultivated šŸ™‚ Here is Jaime visiting a facility in Uruguay, it’s looking like it’s coming along … Continued

More Awards!

The master grower Jose Dominguez did it again!   This time at Lift Vancouver Cannabis cup 2016. He pretty much stole the show with all his entries, but got 1st place CBD Flower with CBD Yummy & 2nd place CBD … Continued

Outdoor growers!

Soon Outdoor season here is coming to and end! Hope you all have great big healthy bushes flowering in the sun. This is aĀ  beautiful picture from a private grower in north Europe earlier this summer, it’s a bushy CBD … Continued