Cannabis and your bones!

Can cannabis even be good for your bones?  Yes, it sure does seem so.


We have many issues relate to our bones, from fractures to more long term issues like osteoporosis, arthritis and inflammations. And is seems cannabis with THC/CBD and all its cannabinoids can be of good help for most of these issues. Combined with a change of diet, there can be significant change to chronic issues and illness in general in most people. Do remember that if you have bone issues, milk and dairy products should not be a part of your diet. It inhibits the bodies absorption of the necessary calcium.  Plant based calcium will do much more for your situation.

We come across this great summary of cannabis and bone health, read more below.


“The endocannabinoid system does play a major role in maintaining the health of our bones and one way it does this is by facilitating a process known as bone metabolism, or bone remodeling.

“Bone metabolism” is the process in which old bone material is replaced by new bone material, keeping your bones healthy and strong throughout your life. Your body builds new bone growth in order to combat the micro-damage that occurs on a daily basis. In all, a healthy adult body will replace about 10% of your bone structure each year.”


“The researchers found that cannabinoid receptors can trigger bone formation and strengthen the bridge that connects broken bones. The study was performed in rat models, which is how previous osteoporosis drugs were tested prior to clinical trials. In their study, researchers injected rats with broken thigh bones with either straight CBD or a combination of CBD and THC.  

The results of the experiment were pretty amazing. THC did not show to have much of any effect when it came to speeding up the body’s self-healing mechanisms. But, pure CBD did. The scientists found that bones of rats treated with CBD alone not only healed more quickly but the previous fracture was less likely to break in the future because of a strengthened fracture callus.

The study estimated that the treated bone is 35-50% stronger than a non-treated bone. “


“THC, the chemical that gives you the ‘high’ when you consume marijuana, may also hold some value in preventing brittle bones. CB1 receptors are found in many areas of the body, including inside bones, in the brain, and throughout the gut. When you consume marijuana, psychoactive THC connects to cell receptors in all of these areas. The cannabinoid then influences the biochemical processes at work in these regions.

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