CBD Crew and Dutch Passion collaboration. CBD SkunkHaze is helping people heal!



CBD Crew is currently collaborating with several other seedbaks helping them have stable CBD enriched strains in their collections.

One of them is Dutch Passion with our CBD SkunkHaze, an hybrid 50/50 plants that looks and grows great. At the Toronto Treating Yourself Cup in 2013, a private grower entered CBD SkunkHaze and won 3rd prize, competing with only high THC strains.

Bud Buddies, the group behind Project Storm, have been growing CBD SkunkHaze and provided several people with their oils and tinctures. Dutch Passion did a nice followup on the project on  their web page with testimonials form the users.

You can read their article here!


 Eleven wrote:
im on my second crop of skunk haze. i make cannapills with coconut oil. these help my diabetes, sleep problems and anxiety no end. i know its anecdotal but can assure anyone, it works! from speeding up my metabolism helping me to lose weight and calming my anxiety without the uncomfortable high that other strains cause. thanx!


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