The CBD-crew quality standard offers growers/patients:

  • 100% CBD-rich seeds: all seeds germinated are CBD-rich.
  • For the strains that also produce THC: we aim to have THC in a 1:1 ratio with CBD. To know if you really have a perfect 1:1 you’ll need to test a sample of your flowers. When testing large populations of seeds (for example 100 seeds of the same variety producing both THC and CBD), we noticed that the average results tend to show a 1:1 ratio, ranging from 1:0.5 to 1:2
  • Tested products. All products sold under the CBD-crew logo have been tested accuratly and have been grown in natural conditions. It’s not always possible to use only natural products to grow our seeds, for example when we want to produce feminized seeds, but we try to serve patients with their requests, for them we are ready to do exceptions.

CBD-crew was created to help patients grow Cannabis varieties that are CBD-rich. Project CBD, a California based non-profit educational service dedicated to promoting and publicizing research into the medical utility of cannabidiol (CBD), defined CBD-rich in the following way:

  • For purposes of data collection, “CBD-rich” has been defined as 4% or mor
    e CBD
    , regardless of THC content.
  • The amount of CBD that a given strain contains isn’t the only factor influencing the effects it will exert when ingested.
  • The ratio of CBD to THC may be as or more important. Terpenoid and flavonoid content also appear to be very important.


CBD-crew supports organic farming / growing for your medicinal plants. At our production facilities in Spain we are happy to use a organic certified line of fertilizers –
Fundacion CANNA is testing our strains with their equipment to help us make sure that we have a product that can be presented as a 100% CBD/THC rich cannabis. –