Here are the testimonials from people that have tried out our CBD- enriched cannabis strains and would like to share their experience.

If you have a story to share, do send us a mail and tell us about it. Maybe your story will inspire someone and make a change for the better. 

This journey just keeps getting more and more rewarding after hearing back form all of you!

CBD Medi Haze, grown outside in the north, for headache, sleeping & calmness.

I grew my own outdoor CBD Medihaze (I was growing CBD Cricall Mass and CBD Therapy before). When I was smokeing my first CBD strain, I found something which helps me against headache and gets me sleepy, so I started to fall asleep well (I have some troubles with sleeping). Since I use CBD to vaporize, I have no problems with sleeping. I was interested in CBD Medihaze for it’s daily use as headache painkiller. This plant grows normally, and it’s very vital. Side branches starts to stretch in phase of pre-flowering and blooming itself takes in northern hemisphere (Europe) time from mid October to mid November. I was excited how well this strain grow in worse conditions (low temperatures and less sunshine). There were no violet or yellow leaves. Whole plant was vital, nice green leaves and colas when it was harvested. Buds were smaller, but very nice formed and fully covered with sticky resin. Great calyx/leaf ratio. So, in taste I don’t feel many citrus hints. It’s has something like herb flavor. It doesn’t help well as much as I expected when I use it against headache. It’s full of cannabinoids. If you vaporize it, you are not smoked in any way, you have almost total clear mind, but you can feel as something happens in your body. I guess, this strain should be definitely great for all people who prefer contrates (for example propyleneglycol or glycerol extracts) before vaporizing. CBD Medihaze offer true natural medicine without unpleasant effects.

Thank you so much fro growing and giving us feedback, glad you found some relief with our strains!
-CBD Crew






CBD Divine for production of dry material and seeds

I write to say thanks by way of this grow and use report. I started 16 seeds of CBD Divine, got 12 good plants and from that, 5 excellent females. Indoor grow in soil-based medium holding 1/3 humified compost of top garden grade supported with minimal complete nutrients including all traces and micros in abundance. A room 1.5 x 1.8 with 1,000 watts produced about 600 gm of dry bud, this weight determined after an additional 250 gm seeds was saved from it. Had the seeds not been p r3esent I estimate the yield would have been around 1 kg. Quite acceptable as let the plants grow their natural shape so the bottom halves of them aren’t well lit and make small buds. Oh well! Smoked a bit of top cola bud from each of five; not that different; not very inspiring as recreational material. I couldn’t smoke enough nor vape enough to discover what I did discover once I had extracted the whole lot with ethanol, mixed the resin with 3 additional vols of MCT coconut oil and took a quarter of a dropper bottle pipette. What great medicine this is! That much eases all discomforts and makes me feel slightly drunk/stoned. Only slightly. But comfortable. Cheered up. Half that much and my mood uplifts without any other phenomena happening. Twice that much at bedtime and thirty minutes later . . . it is tomorrow morning, and I’m awake, clear headed without a fuzzy brain. VERY nice medicine. You’ve done the world a service. Because I live where cannabis has not yet been legalized I hope to add to your good deed by improving the line as I produce some seed and make that available to the medical cannabis community. I selected the best female and will back cross subsequent generation males to a clone of that female, repeated three or four generations, much like Cinderella 99 was developed. If the female I started with is as good as I think, then this intense inbreeding won’t worsen it. So thank you again for providing “regular” varieties for people who need to produce their own seeds.

Thank you so much for your feedback, we are so happy to hear you like it and it does you good 🙂

-CBD Crew



CBD Shark for painreduction, mood and helping a friend battle cancer.


CBD Crew genetics have helped me a lot, by far more effective in pill form Just like you said. CBD Shark has dramatically reduced pain and also improved my mood, truly amazing. I told a friend about medicinal cannaibis, she is in pallative care with advanced cancer, they are giving her massive chemo and radiation to try and stabilize her tumours. Despite treatment her tumours and cancer markers have increased, she started CBD oil 1:2 THC/CBC , a couple months ago (oncologist prescribed)after one month of cbd her cancer markers went down for the first time in six months, she feels better to. Her oncologist can’t explain her positive results, the only addition in her therapy has been CBd, although she has a tough battle ahead, there is no doubt that the oil has helped, improving quality of life and giving hope. Thanks again for what you do.


That is so great to hear!  We hope all the best for your firend as well, amazing 🙂

-CBD Crew




CBD Crew strains for recreational use, insomnia, anxiety and stress


I would like to say that CBD Therapy has a mild thc effect with a happy calming vibe.  It’s great for anxiety, stress and insomnia. I felt a stronger thc effect with the Shark shock. I felt a strong kick that didn’t last long but then there was a total relaxation felling. Ideal for staying home and also for insomnia and stress. For the critical mass, i felt a moderate thc effect, similar to Shark shock but a little less intense.  It gave me a very happy high.
In short.  Now that i have started using cannabis again, not feeling the thc side effects, i found your genetics with high cbd content perfect since i can’t tolerate pure thc. You guys are doing awesome work!  I am waiting for the next pack with the Therapy with even lower thc content. As soon as I test the CBD Og Kush will let you know my impressions.

Salutes from Brazil.  -C
P.s. – CBD critical mass was the one i liked the most

Thank you so much for your feedback, so glad you liked them! Looking forward to hearing how the rest go 🙂

-CBD Crew


testimonial Brasil 3  testimonial Brasiltestimonial Brasil 2testimonial Brasil 4







CBD Shark against dystonia and tremors.

“I ve recently grown 3 cbd shark for my mum who
has serious neurological conditions.
She has non cancerous brain tumors (meningiomas) located at the base of skull near the connection with spine.
It causes her very painful rigidity of neck muscles and head tremors.
She s been smoking the cbd shark i ve grown for her for about 1 month and let me tell you that results are impressive.
She has stopped her anti tremors drugs and antidepressants!
And her general life quality has improved significantly. I haven’t seen her being that good in many years!
Her neurologist is aware of that and agree her on using cannabis…..
So I want to thank you all guys for your work.
What you’ve done is priceless.”


That is absolutely amazing to hear, big hug to you mom!

-CBD Crew



CBD Nordle for recreational use


I couldn’t be more satisfied with your CBD Nordle. As someone prone to getting a racing heart, dizziness, confusion and paranoia, when smoking traditional strains, I have found out the real pleasure of smoking cannabis thanks to your high cbd strain.
CBD Nordle is so mellow and relaxing… I can definitely feel the heightened perceptions, the relaxed muscles and the somewhat altered way of thinking typical of THC, but at the same time my mind is able to focus and I feel calm and centered.
Very pleasant high.
I think you did a very good job at recovering the very nature of cannabis plant and giving it back to people who struggled at handling the more “potent” and thc only strains that breeders had created. Thank you so much!


That is good to hear, we meet many with the same experience!

-CBD Crew



CBD Therapy for Autism


Thank you so much for Therapy. I have made my first batch of 20 : 1 RSO for my autistic son and he is doing better then he was on a 20:1 co2 extract. And we now are saving so much money.

That is great to hear!

-CBD Crew



CBD Nordle for ALS

Thank you CBD Crew for your CBD Nordle strain, it has been a lifesaver – literally.     When my father was diagnosed with ALS in 2013, he was given 3-5 years to live with no known cure at hand.   Did my research on cannabis and ALS and found hope in some clinical trials.  While I had tried other strains, it was not until I started him on a CBD Nordle tincture that we saw miracles happen.

CBD Nordle’s cannabinoid profile has not only slowed his decline to a crawl/stop, in many ways we have seen improvements in hand dexterity and strength. 


CBD Nordle has taken care of his Saliva issues,  fasciculations (muscle cramps), depression, appetite, increase in sleep as well as overall muscle strength.  When he cannot walk,  he just takes .2 ml  of a CBD Nordle tincture and the neurons start firing again and he’s up and walking.  Truly a miracle for us to witness.


Thank you so much for getting  bacck to us with this, it’s truly amazing to hear. We know so many struggle so  much with ALS,  glad you have found something that helps your father.

-CBD Crew




CBD Critical Mass for recreational, anxiety and muscle pain.

Your genetics are excellent. I just want to thank you for bringing such quality back in to the gene pool. I have your CBD critical in the garden and was blown away by the production, aroma, and efficacy. I have some curing that just oozes with fruity berry aromas and I can alleviate anxiety and muscle aches (I regularly surf, snowboard, train martial arts) without getting too stoned. I am a true believer in 1:1 medicine. Keep up the good work!!!


Thank you so much & glad it fits your active lifestyle!

-CBD Crew




A rapport from a association growing our genetics.


Here I send you information about our members:

We have therapeutic users with chronic diseases who try medicine with a cannabis butter with ratio 1:1, 1:2, it depends on their illness, to get palliative effects. And the patients who have cancer or another aggressive ailment,  they prefer or we recommend to them ingest cannabis extract in order to attack the illness. Some relatives start to grow in order to get their own cannabis flowers to make the extract.

In terms of playful/recreational users, we have a range of different ages:
18-28 ages – they like varieties of cannabis rich on THC and they love try new strains. This kind of people also like make a cultivation with their own strains. On the other hand, some of them would like to try edibles
29-60 ages – They are more gourmet because they prefer an special strain which allows them relax or work during the day and they don´t tend to grow. They like going to a cannabis club to get their dispensation without having to go the black market.

Both youth and adults would like to try edibles with THC-CBD made of organics products. The favorite flavors are chocolate, strawberry, orange and lemon and they would like to try them in sweeties and ice cream.

If you need extra information, don´t hesitate to contact with me.

All the best,


Thanks! so glad to hear you are helping people and guiding them in the right direction.

-CBD Crew




CBD MediHaze for sinus headaches and calming effects

hi there.
i was intrigued to get the CBD medi haze for my sinus headaches.
i found for some reason, that it didn’t have very high “painkilling” effects that i thought cbd should have.
for example, i have a maui waui strain (nirvana) which makes the whole body much more numb and fuzzy than the cbd medi haze. even though maui waui has much much  much less cbd than the medi haze.
im not sure why.   perhaps its do to the fact that cbd mixed with more thc, might effect better than alot of cbd wtiha tiny bit of thc.

in any case, where i find (and every single person whos tried it), is that it makes an amazing, relaxed, grounding effect. its proabbly one of my favorits for just relaxing, (and due to its sativa influence, its not tiring), just relaxing and peacefully grounding. of course super anti paranoia. helps if i ever smoked to much of something else, i pull out CBD medi haze, and it balances everything out.
really amazing.


Hi!  Yes, a higher THC would probably help you with the pain better, or eating it over a period.  The CBD MediHaze is often quite low on THC, witch makes it also a great relaxing strain and good for fighting paranoia 🙂  Glad you like it!

-CBD Crew


CBD Medi Haze & CBD Shark Shock


I am a big fan of your varieties (CBD medi haze and CBD Sharkshock).
it is a joy, the effect is gentle and relaxing and fabulous flavors.
I really congratulated you for the work you are doing.

Thank you so much, we really appreciate hearing that!

-CBD Crew





CBD Therapy and other strains for alcohol addiction

I see you have created “Therapy” with this low THC-Value I am searching for such a long time….
YESSS!!! Cannabis-Revolution!!!
Dream come true … growing without paranoia of justice.

And your other CBD seeds are so good, so smooth…makes my day.
This is the BEST alternative for alcohol-addiction and all the bad habits
we have with this alcohol-problem.
We have to change the community with that.

Thank you so much!!
grow on! grow for peace and harmony!
I´m so happy.
You are right. Go on!


Thanks you Tobi for letting us know,  glad you found something that helps and you like .

-CBD Crew



CBD Critical Mass for anxiety and depression

Hallo Elizabeth and Line

Im George from G—-. We have talked on facebook in the past but i’m not sure you remember me. I grew cbd critical mass mainly for my anxiety and depression. Here i present you my two beautiful plants right before harvest ( see attached pics). Considering it was my first grow and the lamp was only 250 w, i think these two plants performed really good

After a few days of drying, i tried a few buds in a joint. What i have to report is the following:

First of all the effects have nothing to do with effects from high thc strains. The first 15-20 minutes i felt a mild relaxation and a small stoned feeling in my head, but really really light and pleasant. A slight headache I had dissapeared and this was very nice! After about 40 minutes and towards the end of the joint, the whole relaxed feeling turned into a more active-sativa like buzz. That was really interesting, because normally i feel like a zombie because of the antidepressants i take, and this made me go out and do things and be active. My aunt had a few puffs as well, and she said it gave her an active feeling as well. The only negative thing, is that after a couple of hours and towards the end of the high, i felt anxious, as i am very sensitive  to thc. But maybe two joints were too much for a start, Maybe i must start with smaller dosage.

Keep on the  good work and developing more  strains 🙂
Lots of love George


cbd critical mass george greese


So nice to hear! Hope you got the dosaging right and are good and comfortable now.

-CBD Crew





CBD Crew strains for chronic pain


“I growed CBD yummy and CBD medihaze and The first is to strong un thc for me and The 2nd is not enough in cbd for my chronique pain . I made an home hasch with 70% of medihaze and 30% of yummy and it was my perfect terpène combination ?? hope to do Many much more ”

Great to hear you found the perfect combination for you!

-CBD Crew



CBD Skunk Haze for fighting anxiety and insomnia


Hello, I’ve grown Cbd skunk haze because I’ve been fighting anxiety and insomnia for my whole adult life, after grown and finally harvesting the strain, (it has totally helped me in feeling so much better, the nugs are dank, resinous and awesome yields.). I sleep better and am able to medicate while doing daily tasks and activities

. I’ve ways thought I was one of those people who just simply couldn’t enjoy cannabis, but now with Cbd strains I’m able to experience why people love cannabis so much.

I really wish I could get my hands in more seeds but due to being from NY I am not able to anymore. Hopefully I’ll be able to get my hands on some more in the near future.

I want to commend you guys on your venture, you guys are truly remarkable.

Thank you so much, that really means a lot to us. Hope you get your hands on more medicine!

-CBD Crew



CBD Crew tincture for old beloved cat

I just want to tell you that Uncas has birthday today! ? He is getting 16 years old! For a week I thought that I had to bring him to the doctor that Uncas is allowed to die because he was not eating for more then two days! I giving him your tincture. Now he is eating again. Sometimes not much. But he does. And he is running around, jumping to everywhere, this week catching a mouse and I think your oil is a great help!!! So I am very lucky!!!

As the huge animal lovers as we are here at CBD Crew, we are so glad to hear this! Helping our furry friends warms our harts.

-CBD Crew


Different CBD strains grown for pain and anxiety


“Thank you once again I cannot express how fortunate I am to have your seeds in my garden I’ve had your CBD shark shock in my garden for sometime and it is truly medicine for me. It helps me sleep helps me with my anxiety helps me with my pain and I love it. I also have your CBD therapy which is also very helpful as well as CBD Medi haze which provides great daytime relief of pain and anxiety. Unfortunately I’ve had no luck with CBD critical mass as I cannot find a correct phenotype to relieve me of the above symptoms. Thanks once again and keep up the great work!”

Thank you for the great feedback, glad you found strains that work for you!

-CBD Crew



CBD MediHaze for neurological disease of my 88 year old mother 


I’ve got to tell you that thanks to your cannabis seeds ( CBD MEDIHAZE strain) i managed to make disappear the very bad symptoms of the neurological disease of my 88 year old mother . She was diagnosed a polynephrite which creates harsh pain in her feet when she is laid at night .Another problem erased with cannabis : muscle stiffness at the back of the thigh . Then she can wake up in the morning without these problems . Fantastic !  i really want to try another strain from your production …. best regards from france

Wonderful to hear, so glad it helped your mother & hope you get to grow some more!

-CBD Crew


CBD Skunk Haze as aid for getting off heavy methadone medication


CBD skunk haze was first which helped me. First I tried z6 and z7 but never manage to get right pheno..and then..then his majesty CBDSkunk Haze and from seedling I knew this will be the one..maybe I sound crazy ..but you know that feeling when you feel like special connection with one of your plants ?

You love and take care of all of them..but that special one is “the ONE” .And you always want to be fair to give them all same amount of light and can’t help have a favorite..and CBD SH was my favorite from the start, we had that special connection .and intuition was right ,because that strain was the one which made a big difference in my life .

I was on 25-27-30 tablets of 10mg methadon and with oil made from my friend CBS SH ..i manage to get down to only 2 tablets ..and all that in just 2,5-3months..that is unheard .

( because i was on 25+ tablets for more than 3 years .that is like serious amount especially for such a long time )

And only first 2 or 3 weeks was hard. Like I stayed in bed binge watching series .But I think I wanted too much too fast and I was taking down 2 pills a day . And I needed some time to adjust to oil etc. But later it was easy. When I was on “only” 10 pills..I started to take down half of pill a day ..or even 1/4 .. I think I was on 2 pills after 2 months or so..but I kept taking oil next month -month and half..just to be sure .So reality is that it is possible to get down from 27 to 2 in 2 months ( methadon I was taking was 10mg per tablet..and in my part of the world name is heptanon -but it is same thing ).

Now when i think of all that…I think I’ll be dead by now if there was no CBD Skunk Haze. ..but never mind that..just wanted to share our love story- me &CBD SH -and his entire family because..of course I had to try every CBD Crew, 100% CBD rich seeds for your healing needs.

That is amazing! What an accomplishment, you are truly a brave person. 

-CBD Crew




CBD Critical Mass & CBD MedGom for nerve pain & less anxiety


I like to share my experiences with your seeds today. I was growing CBD Med gom and CBD Critical Mass from you. I suffer from nerve pain and sometimes anxiety, specially when i smoke high thc strains. So I tried this strains and it is really amazing! It helps me so much with my nerve pain and gives me no anxiety at all. Great work!

Thank you, so glad it helps!

-CBD Crew




CBD Crew genetics for healing and painreduction


Cbd-crew  were my first encounter with medicinal cannabis.

It changed my life for ever;from a young woman traped in her failing body, to a very joyful an mostly pain free life!

Thank you, I can’t wait to try the new cbd-therapy.

So happy to hear, chronic pain is something nobody should have to suffer trough.

-CBD Crew



CBD Crew strains for alcohol addiction

Hi CBD Crew, i would like to thank you for your well done jobs!!!!!!

I see you have created “Therapy” with this low THC-Value I am searching for such a long time….
YESSS!!! Cannabis-Revolution!!!
Dream come true … growing without paranoia of justice.

And your other CBD-rich seeds are so good, so smooth…makes my day.

This is the BEST alternative for alcohol-addiction and all the bad habits
we have with this alcohol-problem.

We have to change the community with that.

Thank you so much!!
grow on! grow for peace and harmony!
I´m so happy.
You are right. Go on!


Thank you so much, we all do our parts 🙂

-CBD Crew





CBD Girl Scout Cookies for MS

Testimonial CBD Girl Scout Cookies Magic feet : During a break away in the heat of August we visited the city of Barcelona. From a lot of traveling my Multiple Sclerosis symptoms flared up with extremely stiff painful legs and I felt like I was 110 years old!
I visited a social club and smoked 1 joint of CBD Girl Scout Cookies and what happened next was remarkable I went from being 110 years old to a dancing cross between of Michael Jackson and Jamiroquai and a smile from ear to ear. The feeling in my legs went away and I had magic star legs! I know it sounds crazy but the CBD Strains can really help and I’m chasing that feeling again. I give CBD Girl Scout Cookies 10 out of 10.
That is great to hear, I can visualize you clearly! 
-CBD Crew


CBD Crew strains for pain management, arthritis, anxiety & depression

CBD Crew has changed my opinion on medicinal cannabis into real medicine for pain management.

“Pain just melts away the body aches, arthritis and you wake up after the journey feeling brand new.”


I have had liver issues from taking strong painkillers. So I had researched into cannabis sativa. It worked good for my depression by allowing me to get outside and live my life. Make new friends who also enjoyed the herb. However I found it too much when I had a haze strain. Or a strong hybrid. Time would slow down too much and I got high anxiety causing me to forget how to breathe. So I had researched the differences and came across cbd.

I first ordered CBD Crew Yummy. The smell of fruit salad and candy apples were to die for. The high was like being at a concert after a few shots of tequila. Just right enough to notice an enhanced state of mind. Pain just melts away the body aches, arthritis and you wake up after the journey feeling brand new.

Try CBD Nordle for pain relief and being able to function in everyday life without raising suspicions. CBD Shark for depression and anxiety, muscle aches and anxiety CBD yummy for headaches and muscle aches Thank you to all of CBDcrew! I hope to visit you one day once I am well

So glad to hear things are going the right way! We hope to see you one day as well, keep up the good work MDL.

-CBD Crew



CBD Skunk Haze for cancer


Hi guys,

I worked with you CBD Skunk haze for over a year now and am looking for a new strain. I think I told you guys over facebook this, but a CBD responsive cancer that had matastacized was literally destroyed within the first round of Chemo by vaporizing 1 gram per day of CBD Skunk haze. The patient was instructed to inhale until total absorption since inject wasn’t an option and oral consumption would have turned the d-9-THC into 11-OH-THC (~10x more psychiactive). The patient had EIGHT more round of chemo left! …very amazing!

That is amazing and heartwarming to hear!

CBD Crew







CBD Mango Haze for anxiety and more.


“Went to my doctor today who want to put me on anti-depressive again regarding my severe anxiety. It’s so frustrating. The 2 years i was medicated on my 1:1 Cbd Mango Haze oil I didn’t have one(!) anxiety attack!” 

( due to legal reasons he has not been able to produce more medicine for himself this year, we are hoping that will change soon! )

Hang in there and we will get you back on some natural medicine asap.

-CBD Crew



CBD Critical Mass for better recreational use


I once had the pleasure of growing a crop of CBD critical mass by you guys. It was perfect for me, large yields and zero anxiety, it just relaxed me without making my head spin. Now im going to start a new grow…

We know exactly what you mean. Thanks for growing and letting us know!

-CBD Crew



My personal thanks to the CBD Crew for selecting the strain

CBD Nordle! 


Briefly in English: I succeeded to treat a bad case of dental periostitis without antibiotics, only using an extract of your Nordle strain (5% CBD, 5% THC – checked in a laboratory) diluted in hemp seed oil (3 ml : 50 ml) and applied sublingually. Very good effect on inflammation and against pain as well. No harsh psychoactive effects even at very high dosage of 10-20 drops daily, only sleepiness and mild fatigue. I can recommend it for autoimmunitary diseases and inflammatory conditions currently treated with antibiotics. I live in Central Europe, Czech Republic – presently Nordle plants only start to flower here, but before the mid-October they should be ready for harvest.

Mé osobní poděkování CBD Crew za to, že vyšlechtili odrůdu Nordle! Díky úspěšně zdolanému zánětu okostice jsem zjistila, jak úžasně účinný je výtažek z odrůdy Nordle (5% CBD, 5% THC) rozpuštěný v poměru 3 ml : 50 ml v konopném oleji a podávaný pod jazyk, aby se vstřebal přes sliznice. Velmi rychle a účinně působí jak proti zánětu, tak na bolest. A to mi věřte, že právě u této nemoci je obojí velmi, velmi silné! Ohromnou výhodou proti odrůdám s vysokým obsahem THC je, že nemá skoro žádné nepříjemné omamné účinky, až při hodně vysokých dávkách (10-20 kapek denně) je to pouze ospalost a únava. Nordle je odrůda vyšlechtěná CBD Crew a dobře roste v našich venkovních podmínkách. Touto dobou teprve začíná kvést, ale stihne dozrát do poloviny října. Mohu ji s klidným svědomím doporučit jako základní léčbu pro většinu autoimunitních nemocí a celou řadu dalších zdravotních problémů zánětlivé povahy, viz zánět okostice, které se běžně léčí antibiotiky.

You can read more about it in the book:  Léčivé konopí v praxi ( Medicinal Cannabis in Practice) by Bushka Bryndova.

That is great to hear and thank for spreading much needed knowledge in you book!

-CBD Crew



CBD Critical Mass for recreational use with great additional effect on anxiety and pain  


I get severe anxiety with high thc marijuana so, I decided to try some high cbd marijuana in hopes that I could smoke again.I wasn’t expecting much.Maybe some flavorless weak pot that could pass for hemp. But,after trying the CBD Crews Critical Mass,I was very very surprised. It has every bit as much resin as any high thc pot in existence.And the smells and flavors are extremely rich and complex.From woody honey musk to citrussy lemon berry. This is high grade stuff.

And although I didn’t try this for its medical properties,I am very surprised at just how effective it is for pain and inflammation. Its impossible to ignore.I am now able to smoke again without horrid anxiety.

Its nice and mellow but powerful. Doesn’t take much so be careful if you have anxiety as I’m sure it can be overdone. In a world where it seems every business is just out to take your money and screw you,its great to see something like this that can help so many people. I get emotional thinking about it.Thank you guys.You have a lifelong customer.


That is so great to hear, thank you so much for your story and the kind words, we truly appreciate it!

-CBD Crew







CBD Critical Mass and CBD Nordle for breast cancer and other cancers and illnesses .


“..we are delighted and thank full to you about not just seeds but wonderful strains from CBD Crew, i remember 1 year ago our dispensary ordered seeds of CBD Critical Mass and CBD Nordle for our first triple negative brest cancer patient, we made High CBD oil from both strains give it to her, she was on cannabis oil treatment 2 months without chemo and she cured her cancer and she is in remission now. thank you so much for great strains and for your hard work, please keep it up n up. ”


wow this is great new info about raw capsules, yes i understood perfectly. i myself did decarbox cannabis buds/trims several times we will follow your instructions, we will add this intake method in our patients with minor medical conditions as you stated, and also after cancer maintaining dose. we have very good results of cannabis treatment in insomnia patients and many other medical conditions. I will let you know if we successfully cure 6 years old girl with Leukemia (we have good results in just 20 days of cannabis oil treatment (CBD Nordle+CBD Critical Mass Oil)”

From a mail we got from a dispensary in Pakistan that we are very happy to hear form and exited to follow in the future!

-CBD Crew



CBD Critical Mass for cancer in 9 year old cat


I’ll recap one of the extraordinary therapeutic uses I’ve noted. NCI has stated that CBD along with THC can help the effectiveness of chemotherapy drugs.
I’ve personally watched this work on a broth I made for my 9yr/old cat who (was) suffering from a systemic and fatal mass cell cancer. Her full remission response with chemo and cannabis (1:2, THC:CBD / CBD Critical Mass and Palladia) was very quickly achieved. And the initial response was astronomical bringing her white blood cells from about 800 to 1400 in week one and over 2000 in week two and finally to normal by week three. Of course with decrease in cancer cells.

Other than simply giving you guys feedback, I want to thank you for your work, taking a stand in this industry and helping those suffering. In addition, I’d like to ask that you help advocate better alternatives to SB 5052 and help us stop this tragedy.


Thank you for sharing and yes, we need to get the whole plant legalized, hemp is not the answer for medical use.

-CBD Crew






CBD Nordle for headaches, mild depression and anxiety and enhanced creativity


I have been growing cannabis outdoors in the UK for over 15 years. I
plant many unknown strains each year. I also plant some select varieties
to see how they perform in this climate. My most recent crop included –
one CBD Nordle, one Blue Cheese and one Skunk no.1.

When cultivating I let nature take its course for the most part and
interfere very little in the process. I germinate around the end of March
and nurture the young plants for around two to three months. I then plant
them out in the wild. From June to the eventual harvest in late September
I water around every two to three weeks and only use fertilizer (organic)
up until the end of August.

tincture is wonderful for insomnia and mild pain relief (I suffer from

In my 2014 harvest the CBD Nordle produced the largest yield and the
healthiest plant. From this one plant I harvested around 80 grams.
Using 25 grams of the flowers and 300ml of Spirytus Rektyfikowany, (a
Polish 100% vodka available online or from most Polish supermarkets)
I made about the same amount of tincture. I have tried both the cold and
hot method and prefer the hot method. First baking the chopped material
(below the combustion temperature around 140 Celsius), then simmering
in the vodka in a water bath. I use two pipettes as a standard dose. This
tincture is wonderful for insomnia and mild pain relief (I suffer from
headaches). It takes around 30 minutes to take effect and its psychoactive
effects are noticeable yet mild and last for around two hours.
I used a further 25 grams to make cannabis infused coconut oil for
baking. This I used in a rich Christmas fruitcake, which was enjoyed by
the whole family.

From the trim I made 3 grams of bubble hash, which is very strong.

I smoke and vaporize the hash and the bud, which provides me with
inspiration in creative and academic activities whilst also easing any mild
depression and anxiety I sometimes experience.

I love this strain and the fact that it grows successfully outdoors. Many
people in my cannabis social group prefer the less intense sensations of
outdoor, organically grown cannabis. Now with a strain that also provides
equal CBD content we are all very happy with the effects! Thank You
CBD Crew I look forward to sampling more of your CBD strains in the

Jules ‘Dr.Jupiter’

Thank you so much for this information Dr.Jupiter!

-CBD Crew


CBD Nordle and CBD Shark for nerve irritation in neck and back

& cat with autoimmune sickness

Greetings CBD Crew !!!
I want and need to say thank you for your work to help people around the world to ease, heal and improve their specific destiny of pain, sickness and other circumstances.
Myself suffered 6 years with a nerve irritation at my neck and back. It gave me a back pain and attacks some nerves in my ear which came up like a knife thrust. Scaled from 1 – 10 it was a 8 to 10. Days became horrible and nights i had very less sleep. Standard medications did not help, even not the ultra hard ones. 20 and more docs did not find out why i had this nerve irritation. MRT, CT … all had been negative results. So i came back to the weed, but i did not want the high grade of THC and did not want the “High” of sativa, In the internet i found you and your strains and was on fire. Weeks later i was familiar with growing weed and bought my equipment and ordered the Nordle and Shark. 17 weeks later i did vaporize (185 degrees) my first Nordle and after 3 days my neck started to relax and 3 weeks later my pain been downgraded close to a 0 on my scale. The nerve irritation at my back is totally gone and at my neck i have some muscle indurations and pains only a few times a year (!!!). Important was for me to vaporize daily at the evening to build a CBD level. I did stop after the first medication some days and pain came back. So keeping up the CBD level over weeks will help a lot to relax the whole muscle system.
Further we have a cat which has an autoimmune sickness which is located around the ear with a part of open skin, we did gave her just a pinch of finely grounded Nordle oral via the food. After some weeks she was over it …the skin was closed at all. Okay she slept a lot but i think this was not a disadvantage at all :).
Best regards Paul


Thank you so much for your feedback Paul, great to hear!

-CBD Crew



CBD MangoHaze, CBD MediHaze & CBD CriticalMass

for epilepsy and other illnesses .


“It works great for my brain and epilepsy it makes my calm in this strange world”


Hey good people i am making a tincture with olive oil from your product with glass.
It works great for my brain and epilepsy it makes my calm in this strange world.and i give it to a lot of extreme sick people we had great sucses with it,i want to make a sort of system like world service authority that the people that need it but can pay for it get it for free and people that can pay for it can donate. You’re my hero’s with out your seeds i would have been fuckt i have to pay bedrocan 46 euro for 5 gram.
but its fuckt up in my country your still a criminal under the law.
hope i see you on Spanabis.

So glad to hear you feel better and are able to help others at the same time, thank you so much!

-CBD Crew


CBD Crew strains grown for different conditions.



“I soak my dried and cured (but not heated) cannabis in pure glycerine for 40 days in a cool dark place, shaking the jar every day. After forty days I strain out the cannabis and collect a honey brown liquid which I bottle. The taste is amazing since the terpenes where not cooked away. And the drops do not make me high.”


Dear CBD crew
  Over the last 2 yrs. I have come to know and love your plants. Maybe its because they remind me a little bit of what I used to use in the 1980`s. But I love them the most because they give me great benefit for various medical problems. So far I have grown Yummy, Shark Shock, Medi Haze, and Critical Mass. All of them are great plants with varying tastes and effects. For the onset of migraine headaches, Yummy works very well for me. It can get me back on me feet quite quickly. For sleep I prefer Shark Shock or Critical Mass. I was blessed with free C Mass seeds that gave me a 500 gram plant last Summer. Now I am having some trouble with Ulcerative Colitis and Shark works the best to relieve cramps and pain. But C Mass works good too. I would encourage people who have medical issues to grow more than 1 type of plant from you when they can. Only when they really know the plants can they actually decide which one is best for them. For example, I love Medi Haze for daytime use for my A.D.D. But it does not help me much with getting to sleep. Because of a medical condition I should not smoke. So I either vaporize or use a tincture that I make myself. Edibles are a bit too strong for me, but the drops I make are perfect. I soak my dried and cured (but not heated) cannabis in pure glycerine for 40 days in a cool dark place, shaking the jar every day. After forty days I strain out the cannabis and collect a honey brown liquid which I bottle. The taste is amazing since the terpenes where not cooked away. And the drops do not make me high. But they are still effective for sleep, pain, or energy, depending on the variety. I have tried this with alcohol, but I do not like the way it burns my mouth. My doctor knows what I am doing and works with me. He said that for me, cannabis is a better solution than most other prescription medications. All of your plants so far have been a joy to grow and use. Thank you so much for producing an excellent product and sharing it with the world. And for patients who have not found the right medicine for them yet, don’t give up. Just keep on trying.



Thank you for all this information!

 -CBD Crew

CBD Sunk Haze for general healing & care giving

Hey all at CBD Crew!
I wanted to reach out to you and say thank you!
I have made a few batches of cookies and they have been so effective!

Neuropathy relief for is found.
Relief from sickness cased by pharmaceuticals.

The Haze taste in butter really kicks ass!  Yum yum oatmeal raisin cookies!



I look forward to my next grow.
Thanks again for the great vibes!


Thank you Colorado grower, we are looking forward to hearing more from you!
-CBD Crew



CBD Nordle for anxiety


“I have grown CBD Nordle and medicated.”

It is amazing. It is the first strain that does not make me paranoid or anxious. I also feel calm the following day. Thank you. You have helped me come of antipsychotic/antidepressant drugs that have owned me for over three years.


Thank you Adam, that is great to hear!

CBD Crew



CBD Nordle for crohn’s, fibromyalgia and biliary dyskensia

  “I loved growing this plant, over and above the other plants I’ve grown”


Hello, I’ve grown two of these plants (along with others, not CBD-containing), and I have had real help from it. I have crohn’s, fibromyalgia, and biliary dyskensia — intense pain and muscle spasms in both striated (skeletal) and smooth (viscera, organs) muscle. THC and THC-a have been very helpful, but I’ve really enjoyed extra help from CBD Nordel. My plants provided CBD:THC 2:1, not 1:1 as reported (your THC % was spot on, but the CBD was twice as high). I loved growing this plant, over and above the other plants I’ve grown. I loved it bushiness and sweet smell. I look forward to using it again in the future. Thank you for your work!!!

 Thank you so much Deborah, that is great to hear!

-CBD Crew

CBD SkunkHaze for epilepsy and tourettes


“I have severe epilepsy and a volcano bag full of that after a seizure gets me out of bed 6 hours earlier than i normally would. Thank you for everything and i hope you realise how valuble your work has been to the likes of me and other suffering around the world. “



“we did a qwiso on the cbd skunk last night and got a 20% return on it which was brilliant. My sister also has tourettes and has been smoking the raw bud and has calmed her depression but her ticks got worse. Today is the first time she has taken the concentrate and so far no ticks for about an hour and a half ”


So wonderful to hear, thanks for the pictures!

-CBD Crew



CBD Nordle for social anxiety and depression

“I have been on these medications for a very long time with some being used over 10+years. My doctor says I have not looked better, my body weight is up, and I feel wonderful.”


I’ve battled severe social anxiety and depression for over 15years. I began using CBD Nordle as a tincture and also made some olive oil based pills so I can titrate my dose. I was on six medications (Paxil, Seroquel, Remeron, Neurontin, Vistaril and Valium). My dosages have went from the highest possible to probably 30% of the dosage I used before CBD Nordle. My valium seems to rarely get use and I’ve went from 20mg of Valium to genereally 7.5-10mg. I have been on these medications for a very long time with some being used over 10+years. My doctor says I have not looked better, my body weight is up, and I feel wonderful. Symptoms went from being high daily to an occasional bad day every once in a while. I take one CBD Nordle olive oil pill in the morning and afternoon and fall asleep with much greater ease. I want a plant though that is almost all CBD to see if it would work even better. For now CBD Nordle is a staple of my medicine cabinet and just started a CBD Shark grow to compare effects. CBD imho has the potential to calm the mind in ways safer and more effective than traditional meds. I’ve contemplated moving to Colorado or Cali so I can try Charlettes Web, ACDC, etc.


That is just fantastic to hear, keep up the good work!

-CBD Crew


Patrick growing CBD Shark Shock & CBD MedGom for bipolar and depression.

Thank you Patrick for this wonderful video, keep us updated! 

-CBD Crew


CBD Sweet’n’Sour Widow regular grown and tested in Spain.


Hello CBD friends!

I’m growing CBD Sweet & Sour Widow since around one year (indoor and outdoor in Barcelona), and i want to thank you for this strain, i keep the more tasty and intense smelling plant as a mother, and I love to use it to make dry sift extractions, for a true hashisch taste and a strong corporal effect (ideal before to sleep, peacefull and relaxed without being stone as hell, very good body feelings).

Yesterday I met Alpha CAT crew  and we did some analysis, of course mine was CBD Sweet & Sour Widow.


On 5 strains tested this day, only CBD Sweet & Sour showed CBD, we were all really happy to see it happen.

CBD 6,5%, and 10 % of THC, i was surprised for an outdoor grow, not so bad at all 🙂

Here’s some pictures (test Alpha Cat and Indoor flowers), i’ve erased the other strains names to don’t do bad or good publicity for them.

Thank you! (next one will be Nordle to make some other good medicinal hash!)

Best regards from spain,


Thank you Vincent, do keep us updated!

-CBD Crew


CBD Skunk Haze for epilepsy attacks

Great to see that it helps, keep up the great work!

-CBD Crew


CBD Nordle & CBD Skunk Haze for recovery and life quality.


“When I discovered strains with a 1:1 THC:CBD ratio it greatly improved my own personal cost: benefit ratio of using cannabis. It turned it into medicine for me.”


In 2011 I was knocked out of the bike lane by drunk driver and sustained multiple injuries, including a bad concussion. I also suffered other tragedies within weeks of the crash.

After the the head injury I was totally unable to consume any alcohol, but was especially saddened to find myself for the first time responding quite negatively at times to conventional (CBD-naked) cannabis. I found it destabilized me emotionally too much of the time.

When I discovered strains with a 1:1 THC:CBD ratio it greatly improved my own personal cost: benefit ratio of using cannabis. It turned it into medicine for me. The only medicine that makes me clear and calm, and able to communicate well. CBD Skunk Haze and CBD Nordle were available locally and I love them equally.

Of course this was all used against me in a legal, and therefore financial sense. But what matters is my health (including biosphere health). That is the only true wealth.

Keep up the great work. You are evidently helping a lot of people…

Cheers, Rowan

PS: I would like to see more outdoor strains as I feel that sun, soil, and breeze further potentiate the medicine…


Thanks Rowan, sorry for your bad luck but glad to hear it helps with some of the issues

-CBD Crew


CBD Critical Mass & CBD Nordle for Spinal Cord Injury, anxiety and insomnia.

 “The reason i wanted to try cannabis is because i have tried every medicin out there for neuropathic pain (phantom pain in areas i have no feeling) without any good result and horrific side effects. So i tried CBD Critical Mass and CBD Nordle… “


Hi there,

I hope u are all great.

I have some test results from my two CBD Critical Mass ladies i have grown. I have used alpha-CAT test kit bought online. I did the decarb test because I’m mostly interested in knowing the THC:CBD ratio. From what i can read out with the included result charts both flowers are pretty much alike and have about 8-9% THC and 6-7% CBD. I will do one more test of both CBD CM when my CBD Mango Haze is ready for testing. I will attach an image scan of the result so u can look at it.

Regarding what CBD Critical Mass have done for me. This is my testimonial for now.

I have a Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) since 20 years back. Im paralyzed from chest down and partially in arms. The reason i wanted to try cannabis is because i have tried every medicin out there for neuropathic pain (phantom pain in areas i have no feeling) without any good result and horrific side effects. So i tried CBD Critical Mass and CBD Nordle i very small dosage at first. I have increased my dosage to about 0.1gram two times per day. Iv made grape seed oil and glycerin tinctures from my flowers. Now iv been starting to getting some really good results.

1. With my injury comes spasticity in the legs. It wasn’t my primary reason for trying cannabis but it has really reduced my spasticity to near nothing.

2. I have had some smaller problems with anxiety and insomnia every now and then these last years. This is all gone now. I  haven’t had a single panic attack or felt the unpleasant feeling of anxiety since iv started talking cannabis. HUGE improvement!

3. The pain. Iv been getting some relive with my neuropathic pain but is much left to be done. I think i need to double or triple my intake to get the result i want. Haven’t been able to do that because i haven’t had enough medicin. Hopefully i can  in the future.

4.Overall feeling in both mind and body has improved. I feel healthier and happier.

5. Iv tried high THC strains before and iv had problems with paranoia, more anxiety the regular ”high” which i don’t like. Both CBD Nordle and Critical Mass has shown nothing of that, rather the opposite. I feel more relaxed and smooth in both mind and body.

Only side effect iv had is the appetite. I have WAY to much appetite now 🙂

With Love

“I have had some smaller problems with anxiety and insomnia every now and then these last years. This is all gone now. I  haven’t had a single panic attack or felt the unpleasant feeling of anxiety since iv started talking cannabis. HUGE improvement! “



Thank you so much for your testimonial, so great to hear that you get good results. Do keep us updated on your experiences!

-CBD Crew


CBD Nordle for panic-attacks

Dear CBD-Crew,

first of all I want to thank you for your strain (Cbd-Crew Nordle). I am currently taking sipralexa for my panic-attacks. but in combination with the Nordle I am feeling better then without the Nordle 🙂 My head is clear of bad thoughts and I am again enjoying life!


A happy customer

That is good to hear!

-CBD Crew



CBD Critical Mass & CBD Skunk Haze

for chronic pain, anxiety and cancer.

“One of the critical mass cbd rocked my world so much its lead me on the path to fight cancer “

Hi CBD crew,
Discovered you guys a year ago and did a few pilots critical mass cbd and skunk haze cbd. Loved both. One of the critical mass cbd rocked my world so much its lead me on the path to fight cancer . I’ve been growing successfully for 28 years indoors so i know a thing or two about technique but genetics well lets just say wasn’t playing with the full deck until i found you guys. apart from my own treatment for chronic pain and anxiety associated I’ve started to treat my mothers cancer(big bcc on her nose). Wow just like on video “cannabis rising” . I could send a couple of photos 3 weeks apart if your interested!
Anyway just wanted to express my most sincere appreciation for the great work you guys have been doing. if i could buy shares in your company i would!
Cant wait 2 try you lovely new varieties that are only a few months away(mango and medi ).
And on a personal level for “enjoyment”, wow! i follow farmerjohn420 and stared with the concentrates then discovered ricksimpsons oil( the method of making it ) , made that too and when you dab that, my god!!!!!!!
Sorry for excitement, but just wanted you guy to know that your wonderful genetics are alive and well down here(south australia) here and thank you!





“It is truly amazing to watch this happen because if it is true than it gives us all hope!”

This was achieved with no consumption of activated medicine but she has been drinking a lot of raw juiced leaf material. She just puts ricksimpson/cbdcrew oil on her nose with a band aid and changes it every 24 hours. Usually there is a large amount of discharge that comes out of the little wound which is like a tunnel on the top of her nose. It is truly amazing to watch this happen because if it is true than it gives us all hope! It’s one thing to watch a video on YouTube but when you make your own personal connection with the healing power of this medicine it changes you from the inside out.
More photos to come of some fat and juicy but I want to wait for good (big)ones!
And also will let you guys know as soon as tests confirm what appears to be a successful treatment.

Thanks again Elisabeth & Line and CBD crew


Thank you for that great news! Looking forward to hearing the results.

-CBD Crew




CBD Nordle, CBD Shark & CBD Skunk Haze for anxiety and epilepsy.

“My friend had a supply of nordle for 7 weeks and didn’t fit once in this time and more tellingly, felt as though he wasn’t going to, even though it was his “time of the month”.


Have been experimenting with your strains for anxiety and epilepsy.So far have tried skunk haze, shark and nordle. All have good effects but the most striking so far is the nordle. My friend had a supply of nordle for 7 weeks and didn’t fit once in this time and more tellingly, felt as though he wasn’t going to, even though it was his “time of the month”. The general rule seems to be that the others tried so far will reduce number and severity of fits and nordle (fingers crossed) seems to stop them. Yummy is next on list but we are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the medihaze for it’s possible 2:1 ratio. Exciting times


Thank you so much for this nice feedback, looking forward to hearing more!

-CBD Crew



CBD Skunk Haze, for calming & relaxing effect.

I have grown the Skunk Haze CBD Crew.

And i gave it to a couple of my friends, they told me it was the best they ever smoked, and the effect was so happy and euphoric, so different from the strong weed they are used to.

Soo thank you CBD-Crew, you are doing wonderful work!



Thank you Kevin, do keep us updated!

 CBD Crew


 CBD Critical Mass for Cancer

“Now this time by using my Critical Mass in canna caps for about 2 an a half months the results show he lymph nodes have actually shrunk to about third the size of the last test 8 months ago. “



“Hi Liz, Line And Jamie I am more than happy to report that the results of my CT scan were better than I could even wish for !!! First off let me start by saying I have been dealing with this cancer for 6 years and during this time about 18 CT scans and one thing that always happens is the lymph nodes are always larger than the last one. Well after chemo anyways. Now this time by using my Critical Mass in canna caps for about 2 an a half months the results show he lymph nodes have actually shrunk to about third the size of the last test 8 months ago. I am speechless. I cannot thank thank you enough for your help and insight. As for CBD you wont be able to shut me up about this hehe . It is now my job to help as many people as I can . Also as far as that new hip went I believe the healing process went very smooth and I think that was due to the Critical Mass. Also I would like to thank Jamie, Shanti And the whole CBD crew for their hard work and diligent research to help so very many people. Also the CBD Medi Haze is in motion will keep in touch as always. Peace and lots of Love Ray”


Thanks Ray, Looking forward to your next check up!

-CBD Crew


 CBD Critical Mass for Autoimmune disorder



Such a great study!

Thanks, this is really well done & great to hear it helps.

-CBD Crew


 CBD for Osteoarthritis & joint inflamation

“so , I made the keif capsules, but I only used keif from the tumbler and I decarboxilated it, they are PHENOMINAL !!!!! THANK YOU”


Great to hear Mary J, hope the CBD S’n’S Widow will work wonders as well!

-CBD Crew


Z7, a CBD Crew project


Sirs- I suffer from Progressive MS and a severe spinal injury- well, I have 5 qualifying conditions for medical MJ but I won’t drag this out- suffice it to say that Marijuana is to me what insulin is to diabetics.

I just tried Z7 for the first time, and I think you guys have saved my life. It has started to become difficult to control my MS symptoms and manage my pain without using large amounts of medicine, and while the THC is great for my pain in that I forget it hurts, some symptoms still flared. This CBD-heavy strain controlled those symptoms immediately. It’s also delicious. The overall feeling is wholesome, uplifting, and healing. Thanks.

Seriously, God Bless you guys and I wish you unbridled success with your new research!

Thank you so much and great to hear that our genetics can help you out! That is why we do it!

-CBD Crew


good results