Cannabis Videos & Documentaries!


There are so many informative documentaries and videos about cannabis, and for many these are the only way of getting correct information about cannabis and cannabis as a treatment. We will be adding information here as we come across more interesting videos. Do let is know if you know of any videos in other languages or if we have missed some to add to the list.



 CBD Shark Shock Review form private user


CBD Yummy Grow rapport from Trichome World!

CBD Critical Mass grow form private grower Major Burns 🙂

follow up video!




“In April 2013 this film set out to investigate the increasing number of claims that cannabis oil can treat cancer. This has been done through the lives of terminal cancer patients living in the UK. It includes contributions from world leading research labs, the pharmaceutical industry and an illegal medical organisation that produces and provides cannabis oil to cancer patients. “

“In this special report, Seedsman heads to the University of Madrid to discuss the research into Cannabis and its possible anti-cancer properties.”

Run from The cure, one of themost inspiering documentaries about cannabis as a cancer healer.

Do remember that the doc is old, and that there is a lot more science to be found on the topic now.

The CBD/THC plants we have now were not easily available then like they are now.

And most important, when he speaks of “hemp oil” he means cannabis indica  oil. not hemp oils.