Is cannabis the new choice for seniors?


In the Guardian today the story was: The mature stoner: why are so many seniors smoking weed?

This has been a tendency during the last years as cannabis has become more available and also the knowledge about cannabis more available. Some places it has even been legalized.

So may seniors have been on a cocktail of medication from their doctors, felling both the effects and the side effects. With all the knowledge being spread now about the things cannabis can help with, it would only be a matter of time beofre it reached the seniors as well.

Things like glaucoma, arthritis & joint pain, Parkinson, Alzheimer’s etc, are some conditions that cannabis can offer a significant relief from.

“The seniors using cannabis today aren’t your parents’ grandparents. The generation that camped out at Woodstock is now in its seventies. They’ve been around grass long enough to realize it’s not going to kill them, and are more open to the possibility it will come with health benefits. “


It’s true, the new group of seniors are not as their parents. Many have a different more reflective view on cannabis. And even tho they did not necessarily use it 10 years ago, it was often the, but where should I get it? Who should I do it with? What if somebody finds out? that stopped them.

Not that they were against cannabis in the first place. So many can now get cannabis without having to know ” a criminal” and people are much more open about it, do to more social acceptance.

With all the health benefits that we we know now, added to the availability, of course people will want to try cannabis for what ever reason they may have.

“While some doctors have expressed concerns about seniors self-medicating with weed, virtually everyone agrees the public health consequences of opioids are far worse. “


Their methods of use is as broad as the average smokers. From smoking a good old joint to using specific products , like CBD oils for their joint pain. Stylish vape pens and delicious edibles. The more available cannabis gets, the more options people have to choose both what they want to taste, from a uplifting CBD Mango Haze to a calming CBD Nordle, or maybe a old school Afghan Haze for the picky one.

Some use it just for the medical benefits, and some even for it’s recreational effect. The knowledge available now makes it a lot easier to get advise on what is best for you.

We hope as more places around the wold open up for legalizing more people will have the ability to grow as well. We all know gardening is good for the health and it’s a passion many seniors have already. We believe they would be great growers. What a great way to get a lot of cost effective cannabis to use for the whole year, as we also know many senior are not living in luxury.

And in the end, is that not what we all want,

to be able to grow our own cannabis if we choose to?


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