52 people sickened by fake CBD oil in Utah, that is not good news!

It’s sad to read when people don’t get the help they need form just weak cbd products, but when they even get sick, that is just horrible.

Getting good CBD products with a entourage effect ( not just only CBD, but more cannabinoides ) is very important for those willing to give CBD a try.  There is so many different qualities in oils these days, it can be hard to find a good one for your needs. That is why we often recommend making one your self, if you have the possibility. Then you know what goes into your oils. But as many can’t grow for themselves, we have some recommendations.  Always ask for cannabinoid profile, shown in % of CBD and other cannabinoids,  not just mg pr ml numbers. And you want the actual lab test, not just a fancy layout on a web page. Also ask if  it has a natural terpene profile, again a real lab test and if it’s organically grown. Any company should have this easily available for you, if they don’t, maybe look for another company.

Thou it’s important to remember, that if CBD products don’t work for you, a cannabis product with both CBD & THC might be what you need.

“In a report released Thursday, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that synthetic products falsely labeled as cannabidiol, or CBD, sickened as many as 52 people from October through January.”


The CDC report this week found that more than half of the 52 possible cases either tested positive for a synthetic compound called 4-CCB or reporting using a product called Yolo CBD Oil, samples of which contained the synthetic instead of authentic CBD. Efforts to determine what company manufactures Yolo CBD Oil were not successful.”


Read the whole story HERE: 52 people sickened by fake CBD oil in Utah




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