Cannabis and Spinal Cord Injuries, a solution?

Cannabis and Spinal Cord Injuries,  could  cannabis really be the solution for those with chronic pain and/or spasms?

At least we owe them to be able to try cannabis as a treatment, an opportunity to a different approach on pain management. Many report that the medications form the doctors just don’t work for them any more or have at all. So why should they be denied a chance?


Spinal cord injuries are caused by trauma to the spine, when dislodged bone fragment, ligaments, or disc material damage the spinal tissue on impact. Unlike back injuries, spinal cord injuries affect motor functions because axons (or extensions of nerve cells that carry messages to the brain) are destroyed by the fractured or compressed vertebrae.


According to a story written in Leafly, studies have confirmed cannabis’ ability to treat many signature symptoms of SCI including pain, spasticity, insomnia, and depression. Some improvement in bladder and bowel control has also been noted. Cannabinoids, the medicinal compounds found in cannabis, are what offer this amazing diversity of symptom relief to SCI patients.

Cannabidiol (CBD), the compound mentioned by Parsons, is slowly but surely becoming a name in the arena of pain relievers. Studies have not only demonstrated CBD’s remarkable painkilling properties, but also its ability to reduce spasticity and improved motor function in SCI patients.

Read the whole story HERE at Leafly!



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