Cannabis rich in cannabidiol is helping children with their epilepsy.

In California many children are now legal medical cannabis patients, and a big group of these are dealing with heavy epileptic seizures. Cannabis seem to help these children more than their parents even hoped to dream of and giving them the chance to connect with their children again.

In a story from the The San Gabriel Valley Tribune we get to meet Nazy Nouri and her daughter Kiana. After 25 failed epilepsy medications, Nazy Nouri had two treatment choices for her 9-year-old daughter: cutting out part of the little girl’s brain or marijuana. “I really felt like we had nothing to lose; this was the last resort,” Nouri said. “If it doesn’t work, then we were going to maybe go with brain surgery.”


“After 10 days, I saw immediate results, she was more coherent, her speech was coming out,” Nouri said. “I’ve had her in speech therapy since she was 24 months old. All of a sudden she was speaking in sentences.”


Due to lack of knowledge and a bad propaganda machine, so many peole fear trying out cannabis for themselves and their children. Luckily more an more peole dear give it a try and share their results. More and more people who thought they never see or any way have anything to do with cannabis are now some of the cannabis movements biggest fighters.This mother got her hope from hearing about Charlotte Figi in Colorado. A then 5 year old girl who had been helped by the low THC high CBD pheno.


Children all over the world and grown ups as well are in need of CBD enriched cannabis to be grown for their medical needs. People should not be persecuted for helping people who really need it. Nearly 200 children use Charlotte’s Web as of now, and there are 2,000 people on a wait list. And that is only there, all over the world the demand is huge.


Read the whole story from The San Gabriel Valley Tribune here!


One of the first children to go public about trying cannabis as a solution for controlling epileptic seizures, Jayden and his dad.


Ted talks from the caretaker of Charlotte and her Chanrlotte’s Web:


A nice documentary from Dr. Sanjay Gupta talking about cannabis history and children as mmj patients:

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