CBD-crew auctions

Dear CBD-crew friends,

We are pleased to announce that we are now are able to offer you what is left of our initial stock of CBD-crew seeds on MNS auctions site!

That is after the initial sales of our distributor www.seedsman.com and at our booth at the Spannabis fair in Barcelona.

Due to the high demand of our initial offering, we have very few packs of these varieties available.  If you miss out on this initial batch, you will have to wait until September 2012 for the new stock to arrive.

Here is the complete list of CBD-crew varieties we still have in stock.  Below is the number of packs, each containing 5 seeds:

CBD Skunk Haze –> 133 seed packets
CBD Outdoor mix –> 104 seed packets
CBD Critical Mass –> 26 seed packets
CBD Nordle –> 33 seed packets
CBD S`n`s Widow –>14 seed packets
CBD Shark –> 13 seed packets
CBD Yummy –> 7 seed packets


We decided to brake it down in 2 groups / types of auctions:

– monhtly auctions
– weekly auctions


Monthly auctions:

We’ll have a total of 3 sets of auctions each lasting 3 weeks, starting on 6th April 2012.

We’ll put online the following amounts of seed packets (5 seeds per packet) for each set of auctions on the MNS site:

CBD Critical Mass 8 seed packets
CBD Nordle 11 seed packets
CBD S`n`s Widow 4 seed packets
CBD Shark 4 seed packets
CBD Yummy 2 seed packets

Second set (with the same amount of seed listed here above) will go online on May 6th, thrid and last set on June 6th. Each set of auctions will last 3 weeks, before the auctions close.


Weekly auctions:

Starting from April 6th, every week we’ll put online the following amounts of seed packets (5 seeds per packet) with auctions that ONLY last for 1 week – until we are out of stock:

CBD Skunk Haze 11 seed packets
CBD Outdoor mix 13 seed packets


Get ready to place your bids – the first set of CBD-crew products are online awaiting your bids.  


Good luck!


All the Best,

CBD-crew 2012

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  1. Steve

    Thanks for spreading the word & Great site. We would love to learn more about cbd rich seeds etc.

    • admin

      Not often you come across somebody that has a problem with Mr.Nice seeds, I think you must have been unlucky 🙂


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