CBD Therapy is back in stock!

CBD Therapy is on it’s way out to all shops again!

This low THC high CBD strain has helped many people all around the world since we released it. CBD Theapy is mostly under 1% THC and CBD up to 15%. This makes it a very potent CBD strain that is perfect for aiding with many diseases that benefits from CBD extracts.

CBD Therapy is a great strain to make high quality CBD full spectrum flower extracts also containing smaller amounts of all other cannabinoids and a broad selection of terpenes as well for terpene extraction. To to get the entourage effect in your product.

CBD Therapy is used for controlling epilepsy, spasms, reducing inflammation, helping with side effects of chemo, relieve anxiety and much more.  And also a great recreational to just to relax and reduce stress in daily life for those not looking to get to high.



You will soon find CBD Therapy seeds in most online seedshops and many growshops!


For wholesale, contact us at info@cbdcrew.org



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