Children with epilepsy, who are we to deny them efficient aid?


Over the last years numerous people have come forth showing the incredible effects CBD have had on their children that suffer from various forms of epilepsy. Many have had to break the law or move far away from family and friends to places where they can legally obtain quality CBD products.  Many also try CBD products of lesser quality and don’t get the best results right away , due to the illegality and the mountains of industrial hemp products out there that vary very in quality.  So as a costumer you really have to know what questions to ask and what paperwork to expect to be shown from the supplier.

Here is a letter from Parents4Pot that they published years ago to try guide parents the right way:




As respected members of the cannabis community, the undersigned groups and activists support full spectrum cannabis legislation and treatment for children with autism and seizure disorders. We agree that experience and research show proper and effective treatment requires the combination only the full cannabis plant can provide. We also agree that we need to support other organizations and activists who stand with us and concur that medical cannabis, by definition, includes the entire plant and all its chemical compounds.
As more parents learn that cannabis can help their children with autism and seizure disorders, it has become necessary to point out that the upshot of CBD only legislation and companies that produce CBD only products are giving what may be false hope to families who have exhausted other avenues of treatment.
We believe it is vital to understand the importance of using the entire cannabis plant as part of their solution. Parents who are worried that their children are “getting high” need to know that cannabis does not have the same psychoactive effect on the brain of a child with severe epilepsy or autism as it does on the average person. It actually works to slow the neurons that are firing so rapidly down, creating a healthier brain not a “high” brain. It is equally important for parents to know that they can give their children full plant cannabis without getting them “high.” Ingesting whole plant cold extract cannabis delivers non- psychoactive, non-psychotropic effects. This is an essential factor in building up the system that enables THC and CBD to work. It also allows the incorporation of the myriad beneficial components that cannabis provides.
The truth is that many parents who have tried CBD only treatments for their children with autism and epilepsy report no success or reduction in symptoms. They are forced to go to the black market to get the medicine they need. In fact, parents who are using straight THC as a rescue medication for their children’s seizures are seeing great results. Their children are cognitive and coherent instead of high and out of commission for a whole day.
Industrial hemp does not contain the amount of THC or CBD needed to make an effective treatment for epilepsy or autism. Also important to remember is that these CBD producers are unregulated; there is no proof that they are really providing what they promise. That, along with the lack of results are two good reasons to consider other options.
Parents, please feel free to contact the groups listed below to learn more about the differences between full plant and CBD only cannabis treatments to make a more informed decision. Your child’s life depends on it.



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For more info and studies regarding cannabinoids and epilepsy,  visit:




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