Searching for CBD enriched cannabis

In the jungle of information out there, it can be difficult to select what information is suited best for you and your needs.


While many companies now offer CBD enriched strains, not all inform of the stability of their products.

Both stable CBD enriched genetics and unstable CBD-enriched genetics has great value for people.

With unstable genetics, like Cannatonic from ResinSeeds ( the plant that started the CBD Crew adventure) , all the seeds will not contain high CBD, in fact about 25% of the seeds may not have any CBD at all. Cannatonic is a 25% higher THC low CBD, 50% more or less 1:1 and the last 25% higher CBD and lower THC. Depending on the genetics, unstable seeds will show different variations of CBD/THC ratios. If you are looking for specific phenos and have a mother room for saving mother plants and have the opportunity to get your plants lab tested, you can find exactly what you are searching for.

But of you are sick or don’t have the opportunity to get your product lab tested, a stable genetic might be what you are looking for. That means every single seed will be CBD/THC rich. You will not get surprised with a heavy THC plant.

The reason CBD Crew was created was to give a stable CBD-enriched cannabis collection to the growers. Especially the growers that are growing for sick people and are trying to help somebody or themselves. We understand that if you are sick, you need you need your plants as fast as possible, so we thought we make that possible! It took a few years, but we made it.

We breed the first ever stable CBD/THC enriched cannabis collection in the world!

Here is our catalog and more strains to come!

Here are lab results form growers all over the world! Being open with lab results is a must.


There is also a difference between CBD rich seeds and clones, there are several clones with high CBD on the marked as well. Like AC/DC ( a Cannatonic cutting ) Harlequin, Charlottes Web etc in the US, that can not be found in seed form, only in cuttings. Since those are selected phenos form other unstable strains that somebody took the time to grow out and get tested and kept mother plants. If you see seeds of these for sale, it’s a scam. These plants exist only in clones/cuttings.

CBD Crew have now stabilized a cannabis seed that will have very low THC, less than 1% and high CBD, 6% and up. This will be the first of it’s kind on the marked and will be released very soon. CBD Therapy will be the name of the strain.

The CBD Therapy will hopefully help parents trying to treat children with epilepsy, autism, etc that are looking for low THC high CBD cannabis seeds to grow themselves.

CBD Crew is also working with ca 15 other seed companies now as well,  so they also have a CBD enriched strain in their catalog. They will state in the description of the strains that they are a collaboration between them and CBD Crew, this is a guarantee that their seeds are stable.

If not, send them a mail and ask for stability and lab results before deciding to buy. Better to be safe than sorry.


Here is a video made by BudBuddiesUK a few years ago, when they went searching for CBD.



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