Spannabis 2017 coming up, 10-12 of March!

So it’s time again, Spannabis weekend!

From the 10-12th of March Barcelona will be filled with people going to the biggest cannabis expo here in Europe, Spannabis!


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We will be, as normal, in our Booth nr 93, so do come by for a chat or for some seeds or both!

We will be there all weekend, ready to help you out as much as we can.

See you soon!




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  1. Feroz



    I am based in Sydney Australia. I saw Dr Christina Sanchez’s video regarding Cannabis oil and its potential benefits my mother is in a final stage of bone cancer. The cancer is now spread through her brains. I make pure juice from as many helpful fruits as possible which given significant boost to her present health but is not the cure. It will be highly appreciated if you could please put me in contact with the organisation that provides the right Cannabis oil.

    God Bless

    • CBD Crew

      Unfortunately cannabis oil is illegal to sell in Sydney and most places of the world.
      And most people that advertise online that hey have cannabis oils, are scammers, not descent people.
      Anybody with a ricksimpson-email address is a online scammers. There are thousands out there unfortunately due to the laws we have today.

      Many will try to sell you hemp oils, which has no THC and often very small amounts of CBD and other cannabinoids. Also very often not form organic farming, which is important when it comes to using it for healing. I don’t know if CBD is legal to import to Australia, but a good organic grown hemptincture might help a bit with the side effects but it is not enough to treat the cancer, you need a real cannabis product for trying to do that. But a hemp tincture is better than nothing.
      I also highly recommend going to and listen to everything there about natural healing.
      The best way to go about this is to ask anybody young if they know of anybody that can sell you cannabis and you make it your self or just decarb it and eat it in plant form.
      If you send us a mail at if you want instructions of making raw cannabis capsules or a link to an organic hemp tincture.
      Lots of love


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