The endocannabinoid system, why is it not common knowledge?

The endocannabinoid system( ECS), one of the very important systems in our body.

It was found in the late eighties buy researchers studying the effect of cannabis on the body, which led to the discovery of the CB1 and CB2 receptors. Yet we seem to know so little about it in general today 30 years later.

Does your doctor even know?  If not, why?


“Back in 2013, David B. Allen MD commissioned a survey in which all the medical schools in the US were asked whether they included the ECS within their syllabus. Only 13% were found to teach it in any way, with Dr. Allen declaring that “research and education of medical students involving the ECS is being intentionally restricted by politics.”

( source: The Cannapedia )


So it seems like for now, we have to educate ourselves and maybe our doctors as well on this issue.


Here you can read many stories on how the Endocannabinoid system works and what it helps regulate. Project CBD.


Studies show that not only do we benefit from adding cannabinoids to our body, but not doing so could also be damaging to the body itself.  As debated in this study:

Clinical endocannabinoid deficiency (CECD): can this concept explain therapeutic benefits of cannabis in migraine, fibromyalgia, irritable bowel syndrome and other treatment-resistant conditions?

Luckily now there is a lot of great information online about the ECS and here is some for you to look trough right now!




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