They are soon starting again, the 2017 Medical Cannabis Bike Tour!

In case you don’t know about this wonderful group of people, you need to know!


The 2017 Medical Cannabis Bike Tour


Who are they, why are they cycling around?

Every year they set out on an epic journey to cycle 420km through beautiful European scenery over 3 days.

They raise sponsorship money to fund independent clinical research by a team of scientists studying the medical qualities of cannabis.

The message is clear, cannabis studies should be done for the people, so that we can get public results. So much of cannabis studies are done in secrecy or by the pharmaceutical industry, with results that are not public for everybody to read.  Or just done looking for negative effects, not all the amazing positive effects we now  know cannabis has.

So the solution was, gather the money from the public and give directly to the best qualified scientist out there!

Many companies and people in the cannabis community has for several years now sponsored the bike rides. And we at CBD Crew have been proud sponsors the whole time. We have not gotten on a bike yet, but maybe in the future! Until then, we support the great people that join the beautiful ride!

Here is a clip from fist day last year, how nice does this look?  Are you a biker? Maybe join!



Next Medical Cannabis Bike Tour  starts 3rd of October, if you want to join or help sponsor, or just read up on  this great initiative, more info here!


Medical Cannabis Bike Tour 2017


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