U.S. Federal Marijuana Farm To Offer New Strains with more 1:1 CBD/THC ratioes. As CBD Crew have done since the day we launched our company!

The American Government is now trying to expand their cannabis selection to strains whit a 1:1 level of CBD/THC.

“The NIDA-sponsored farm is located at the University of Mississippi and is operated by a team of nine. Last year, the National Institute on Drug Abuse paid the university $847,000 to run the facility, which provides cannabis for researchers across the country.

For decades, the farm has only produced a narrow range of plants – varieties with high THC and low CBD levels, according to Mahmoud Elsohly, PhD, director of the NIDA Marijuana Project.

But with interest in medical marijuana taking off, Dr. Elsohly and his team are hoping to offer new strains, especially those with higher levels of the non-psychoactive ingredient cannabidiol (CBD).”


According to Dr. Elsohly, they have now successfully cultivated a second variety of marijuana containing equal amounts of CBD and THC.

Meanwhile CBD Crew have always had a stable 1:1 CBD/THC collection to offer all our growers!


Read the whole story at Leaf Science!



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