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Dear friends of CBD-crew

We are proud to announce our new online catalog of 100% CBD-rich varieties and we like to think that this is only the beginning.

We really have been motivated by the fact that CBD can be useful to a lot of people on this planet. As a gift from nature cannabis should be available to those people that want to use cannabis in it’s natural form. We have focused on creating a full stable CBD/THC collection. And because all our seeds are CBD/THC-rich, it’s a lot easier for you to grow your own medical plants at home.

Before we released our 100% CBD/THC-rich seeds collection, you would have to get unstable CBD/THC rich variety and look for CBD-rich phenos while keeping mother plants. Unstable genetics are great for looking for specific phenos, but can be difficult for new growers and people with little time. With our seeds you will be sure to get CBD/THC in each and every seed.

Since so few have access to a laboratory and can have extra grow rooms for mother plants and cloning, we really hope this will make it easier for patients that use cannabis as medicine. A fast an secure alternative.

We have a selection of all types of seeds, from indica to sativa dominant and regular, feminized and auto flower. This so everyone can choose what they prefer.

All is CBD/THC enriched.

We are now also releasing our newest cannabis strain CBD Therapy, that will have a stable low THC 1%>  and high CBD 4% and up!

First ever variety on the marked in seed form and will be great for epileptic seizures, autism and any inflammatory issues and not cause much psychoactive effect. We are very glad to be able to present these seeds to the cannabis community! CBD Therapy, coming soon!


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14 Responses to “Welcome to cbdcrew.org!”

  1. David Williams

    I live in Kalamazoo MI. and I’m a Michigan Medical Marihuana card holder, and grow some good meds. would love the chance to be a tester!

  2. Larry De Cair

    Shanti and Nevill, I want to thank you for all the great genetics and especially the Old School like Skunk #1 and the Afghan’s . Being a purest I was hard pressed to find the right genetic’s for my own grow projects. I have been a lover of White Widow Since 1994 and now work with Critical mass and a few lemon Varieties I have picked up along the way. I really appreciate the work you are doing on CBD Rich strains, for i know harlequin is one of our best sellers and cant wait to get my hands on CBD Critical mass and CBD Widow. Thanks for all your hard work

    Skipper D.

  3. Einarsson

    Hello guys

    What does I require if I want to be a test grower.

    I am based in Switzerland and I am already growing for several years.

    Thank you for letting me know

    Best regards


  4. frans Geerts

    beste , ik ben invalide , geen roker of drinker wel gebruiker van thee en olie en zoek een soortje om te telen goed voor volgende klachten ; ruggenletsels in boven en onder rug met uit straling in de benen en nek met uit straling in schouders en tot in de vingers alsook barstende hoofdpijn ( migreine ) verder heb ik een schoondochters met longkanker , welke nu ( even ) onder controle is

  5. Kenneth Dallmann

    I think that CBD. is probably great stuff, but I do think that genetic altering would destroy the earth’s beauty. I believe somehow that THC. is a very important thing too. Society thinks that anything, regarding sex money, or drugs, that is too enjoyable should be forbidden. People are too jealous sometimes. CBD sounds like it is a great thing, although.

    • admin

      I understand your concern and I am glad to tell you that breading CBD up is not genetic altering. We also love THC, they are both part of a great plant with many uses. Variation in these values are completely natural, the strong THC strains witch we have today is simply favoring phenos that has shown high ratios and breeding them forward, no altering the genetics. These plants did not exist as often in nature before, but we have breed them out like this, like we now are breading CBD back in again. We are not removing any of the other Cannabinoids.
      All the best

    • CBD Crew

      Yes we agree, we have not done any genetic altering with our plants, it’s natural breeding. We have actually brought some of the plants more back to their natural state. We also strongly believe that THC is a very important cannabinoid as well and think THC have been way to much demonized in the media. Not everybody that needs medical cannabis are children, many grownups need cannabis as well. For cancer f.eks, THC is very important as well.

  6. tony

    I am looking for a pain relief from cerebral cancer. my mother has had it since 94. every day is a blessing i have been setting her up. Lately with Pineapple express and fruity cronic juice. but it just doesn’t give her the relief sees looking for. i have expressed interest in CBD rich meds and shes on board. i don’t live in the friendliest of social climate so i can’t ask a lot of people to try my stuff over a wide range of people to see if offers the same effects that i am having. i suffer from PTSD and use this to medicate. i don’t drink or do any type of other narcotic. i have found what works for me. i just reciently hear of cannatonic very interest in this strain thank you for your time and ear.

    • admin

      Hello Tony!
      Sorry for the late reply, but glad to hear from you. As for getting a high CBD plant, without getting trough laboratories and saving mother plants, a safer bet is to go for any of our CBD Crew strains. Since we can guarantee that all our seeds are CBD rich, and you don’t need a lab unless you would like to know the exact results. The wonderful thing with Cannatonic and Dieseltonic from ResinSeeds are that they can give you a broader variations in relations to CBD and THC values. If you are looking for something special and can do the extra work, than this is great for you. But since you both probably would benefit great from an more 1:1 CBD/THC ratio, you should look trough our varieties and see if you find some strains interesting. If you do decide to grow, do contact us on mail so that we can send yo an easy recipe to create raw heated cannabis pills, that you both can eat daily and don’t get stoned from, although I do recommend making some oils as well and ingest. If you want the instructions for your normal cannabis to benign with, do send us a mail as well.
      All the best

  7. Olivier

    Hi, there! Thanks for wonderful work!!!
    I’m Oli, 48, canna lover for long time, and recently aware of cbc goods by Rick Simpson…
    As I have a few friends with cancer but because they don’t know, they’re “cold” to try cbd, because “normal”medecine doesn’t knows!…So I decided to go to ururguay to grow some good varities of high cbd…and, as Mr Simpson, give it to people…
    (plan to make a crowed funding).
    I go end of month and would like to pass by to talk with you about the whole process, exchange infos…and buy good seeds to grow there.
    Is it possible?Thank you for patience, work and good vibes !

    • GaiaGirls

      Hello Oliver!
      Sounds like a wonderful plan. Are you here in Barcelona? If you are, sure pass by one day 🙂


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