When you see it up close, it may change your perspective.

My attitude to cannabis, I must admit, was not very good. I myself had never tried any sort of recreational drug and totally disapproved of my son smoking it.

Elderly Oil


“My mother is 92 years old. In her forties she developed rheumatoid arthritis in her legs. She also has idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Then she got cancer. 

I look after my mother and this is her journey.”

This is a story about changing tracks and making a better life. The harmful propaganda done over years to scare people away from using cannabis for healing has hurt to many. It’s about time people get the right information and can make up their own choice and not be persecuted like a criminal as most people face due to the laws in most countries.

Luckily the amounts of knowledge and research being done now is hard to held back from peole. And stories like this spread fast in the local communities as well.

“The cannabis has given back her quality of life.

She has just been for another scan and we are waiting for the results but the Radiographer told me that the tumor appeared to be smaller than in the previous scan, so we have a lot of hope now.”

Elderly Oil 2


Without cannabis and the help from the cannabis community my mum would be dead by now, but this wasn’t about prolonging her life. Seeing someone unable to eat, struggling to breathe, in pain and losing blood is not something I would wish on anyone. This herb will allow her to die with dignity when the time comes.


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